Hi there!

I'm Patricia Yu and I am earning a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial / Product Design at Carnegie Mellon University 

with minors in Human-Computer Interactions and

Physical ComputingIn other words, I really value multidisciplinary skills that bring together my passions in design, business, and technology.

Studying at an institution that shares my values for interdisciplinary skillsets, I've learned an important truth - no clever technology can resonate with people without good design behind it. Thus, I want to be able to use a range of knowledge to best inform my design to craft user-centric, meaningful, and delightful experiences.

As a lifelong learner, I am consistently seeking challenges and opportunities that will push me to develop skills as a multifaceted designer. 



Let's get connected! 

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Important classes

• Service Design

• Rapid Prototyping 

• Physical Computing 

• Fundamentals of Business & Management

• How Things Are Made (Design for Manufacturing/Assembly)

• Principles of Computing

• Computational Design Thinking

• Research Methods

• Biomedical Engineering Design

A dash more!

Outside of design I like...

• Indulging in food adventures & fusion cooking

• Going to the gym, being outside, hiking, traveling


• Listening to podcasts (some of my favorites being 99% Invisible, How I Built This with Guy Raz, and Bad Friends)



• I am designing for the 2021 Pittsburgh Fashion Week