Hi there!

My name is Patricia Yu and I am earning a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial/Experience Design with minors in Human Computer Interactions and Physical Computing at Carnegie Mellon University


Studying at an institution that shares my values for interdisciplinary skillsets, I've learned an important truth - no clever technology can resonate with people without good design behind it. Thus, I want to be able to use a range of knowledge to best inform my design to craft user-centric, meaningful, and delightful experiences.


I have overseen product development for toys at Hasbro and crafted play experiences, prototyped products that bring a new experience to conventional objects, conducted design research on educational tools and created user interfaces for it, and more.


Driven by a passion for learning and problem solving, I am proficient with CAD/rendering software, prototyping with electrical hardware and coding, research methods, a variety of fabrication techniques with knowledge to materials and its manufacturing development, along with other essential skillsets as an industrial and experience designer. 


As a lifelong learner, I am consistently seeking for challenges and opportunities that will push me to developing skills as a multifaceted designer. 

Let's talk about design, or even ballroom and hiking! 






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