FollorUrHrt Neckband


Project Olympus incubator selected our project as the "Most Entrepreneurial Idea" award (TartanHacks 2020). 

FollowUrHrt is a neckband accessory that helps people connect with people in their proximate location and create a closer local community. 


1 day

Becky Button, Sophia Li, Nicasio Ng

Tools Used

Laser cutter, Arduino Uno, vibration motor, magnetic sensors, acrylic


Mechanical prototyping, interaction design, coding

My Role

As project manager, I helped organize roles of team and influenced ideation with marketing concept. 


Worked as lead designer, implementing the physical model and aiding hardware development.

Ideation + Rapid Prototyping

We all shared the common interest to create a platform or novel form of communication that could bring people closer together. From there, we bounced off of each others ideas and thoughts, from creating some sort of barter system to making digital communication more physically intimate to eventually deciding on something we thought was an interesting and unconventional idea - to create a device that could physically guide people to a very compatible person, whether that be a friend of romantic partner


Creating prototypes of our neckband using laser cut wood


Bending acrylic to accommodate the shape of the shoulders with a hot air gun

I wanted to emphasis the use of a physical device rather than an app to bring more attention to living within the moment and to pay more attention to one's environment. Especially, as the device would be around one's neck, it forced people to look up and immerse themselves into the world rather than looking down into a screen. I believed that this would be a key factor to bringing people closer to their local communities. 


Simulating how the device would vibrate in the direction of a compatible person

Multiple Obstacles

We ran into multiple difficulties due to the lack of resources and time. For example, how we were not able to connect to the local network to receive location data and we switched 3 microcontroller boards in total because of technical difficulties. We were originally also going to laser cut wood into a pattern that would allow it to bend for the neckband, however, because the file was too large it was not able to upload onto the laser cutter machine.

I think we learned from these obstacles to think fast and work with what we have to create a final product. Plans don't always go accordingly, and that was the most important lesson I was able to learn that day.

Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 8.55.42 PM.png

Our plan to create laser cut wood transformed into using acrylic to achieve the same effect

Final Products
Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 9.01.22 AM.png

I designed a mockup website for our products to further simulate how our product would work in the real world. You can scroll down to find out more about FollowUrHrt as well as click the join now button. 


Our booth for our pitch and the team!