Your Dependable Travel Companion


March - May 2022


Iris Cai

Gia Marino

Laura Pedrosa

Tools Used




User Research

Usability Testing
Secondary Research




Stakeholder Maps
Pitch Presentation

Women and Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities have a long history of racism and sexism within the United States. However, since the COVID-19 pandemic began, these groups have experienced increased risk to their livelihoods and are subject to hate crimes. Especially those who live in metropolitan areas as seen in real life incidents.

Our app seeks to protect, empower and educate people to handle emergency situations in urban spaces whether that be as a user or a bystander.

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Process Documentation
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My Contributions

• Bird/buddy companion idea and mascot design

• Designed and created Instagram Poll questionnaire and interview questions

• Iterated on UIUX Commutable designs 

• Secondary research and primary research 

• Leaded usability testing

• Designed stakeholder mapping

• Presentation design

• Collaborative working and ideation 

• Pitch presentation 

My Reflection

I am very proud of how this project turned out in the time span that we had, being able to do so much research, synthesis, ideation on the product, user testing, and presentation. I personally resonated with this topic of commute safety, especially seeing the recent events of Asian hate that have happened during COVID-19, and being able to craft design solutions that potentially can inspire change and aid in this area of current emergency has been very fulfilling. Especially with an amazing team that shared the same passion for this topic that I did, throughout the entire project, I felt the energy in everyone wanting to create something impactful.