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February - May 2022


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Candy Making

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Entogems is a brand that hopes to catalyze a larger culture of sustainable eating by sharing a beautiful and meaningful gift with loved ones.

As the human population continues to grow and abuse our nature’s resources, Entogems strives to integrate more people into the world of entomophagy. By showing people how beautiful, elegant, and refined eating insects is, this gifting experience encourages people to recognize insects as part of one’s diet.



Edible Insects & Other Ingredients    

Introducing Entogems, a giftbox of delectable insect candy with a meaningful message
to break the stigma of eating insects...

The Entogems gifting experience encourages people to recognize insects as part of one’s diet not only by showing people how beautiful, elegant, and refined eating insects is, but also how impactful it is to the world

Browse the online store to share the experience with others

When a gift is from someone you know or love, you feel more receptive to this new sustainable food culture

Personalize your Entogems candy flavors and give meaning with a handwritten message to fit any occasion

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Start your entomophagy journey today

The Opportunity
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How might we educate and incite people to eat sustainable and healthy foods?



Step 1. Discover and Map It Out

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To narrow down my thesis project, I started with the passion topic of environmental sustainability and enjoyment of food -- a combination that I never was able to combine together before. Using a ripple diagram, I gradually connected the pieces in how I could in a matter of months, relate to the greater overarching problem in society.

I wanted to create a product that could inspire others to act toward a more sustainable planet for a better standard of living, through the idea of changing the stigma of people eating insects.

Step 2. Research and Brainstorm

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Coming to the idea of insects was not a straightforward one. I learned about the current ideas that others have done -- including transforming insects into protein powder, take-home DIY meal kits, re-experience food, sensorial food, etc.


Learning about other projects has taught me what works in making an impression on people. Sometimes a product does not and cannot solve a problem, however, it can trigger reflection in viewers and a memorable impact that catalyzes a change in thought. This inspired me to focus on one concept that people could easily remember and understand -- eating bugs has a stigma in Western culture, but eating insects is beneficial. 

Step 3. Talk to People and Refine Idea

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With the concept of breaking the stigma of eating bugs, I brought this idea to others and asked them questions about their view on entomophagy, what would make it easier for them to eat insects, and the current obstacles preventing them from doing so.


My major takeaways were that people:

• Would only be able to eat insects on a regular if it was easily accessile and affordable

• Felt more open to and comforting to eating bugs with others 

• Want to be more educated on the benefits of eating bugs

• Want to have the experience of eating insects less explicit

Summary of Takeaways

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From all 3 steps, each step resulted in the establishment of my project goal, research questions I wanted to answer at the end of the project, and the values that I hoped to follow throughout this journey.


Candy Making 


Experimenting with color, shape, flavor, and texture to create the most beautiful 100% edible insect candy



I started with a user slowly revealing milled insect candies to whole insects to ease in the idea of eating insects. However, the rectangular box contricted the overall interest of the exterior package. Instead, I pursued the box that reflected the logo where each section of the package can contain milled to whole insects. 



One of my key insights from talking to others about this idea was that people were unfamiliar with the idea of eating insects and would want to learn more about it when buying a product.


My initial response to this was to create a small card that could go with each giftbox, but eventually it turned into a booklet as I started to design a story that conveys not only the facts about eating insects but also the values of the brand

Screen Shot 2022-06-22 at 1.28.43 PM.png

To close it off, some things I learned was specifically on the art form of candy making, and how many mediums it can transform into, and how candy is represented in different cultures. 


i also learned that there isn’t necessarily one right idea and sometimes its about following your intuition and just start making and exploring.


In the future, I definitely want to keep doing creative personal projects like this in my free time, but also find the joy and self-motivation that i had doing this project to whatever I do in the future as well.