Modern Picnic

Product Development & Design Internship


April - October 2021


3D Prototyping



Product Development


Client Communication

Overseeing product development by working closely with the founder to design new products (including tupperware and bag designs), create techpacks, and communicate with US and international vendors to produce samples and sales products

About Modern Picnic

A startup company that reinvents the ordinary lunch bag. These lunch bags are chic, practical, and environmentally friendly. 

Tools Used

Microsoft Office





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Highlights of Work

  • Developed sketches, 3D renderings, and presentations with founder for new long term product ideas

  • Created techpack presentations - guidelines and specificities of new product plan

  • Managed inventory and used these sales insights to cater to new product development 

  • Managed communication with international manufacturers and consulting agencies that collaborated to produce products

  • Collaborated with a close-knit team of diverse skills to shape the culture of Modern Picnic

ELC Internship

3D Creative


By working so closely with Ali (founder) of Modern Picnic I learned not only more about product development and the agendas, teams, and resources needed to build a company, but also how to think like a founder. 

Working with her, I was able to learn how to develop relationships for longterm connections, how to negotiate with others and find opportunities, and to follow the things that you value to always be enthusiastic about your work. This in turn will affect how you treat others, and your passion can encourage others to become more invested in the shared goal as well.