Eyes of Nature


With this explorative project, it contributed to my learning for an industrial designer. It helped me think in more detail about how I want to communicate the purpose of the object through semantics, the duration of how an object is used, how to design something in its specific context, and how do I signal to users if this is intended to be something interactive?


December 2020

Tools Used

SolidWorks, KeyShot, 3D Printer, Laser cutter, Photoshop


Physical prototyping, storyboarding, sketching


Pursuing an idea to capture

In Pittsburgh, I've had many dear memories at Schenley Park, a wooded nature trail with a beautiful botanical garden nearby. With this project, I wanted to capture my appreciation for this landmark by creating pinhole cameras that could embody this place, pinhole cameras that were a metaphor for the embodiment of a tree. 


Designing objects that embody a tree and fulfills its purpose

I looked at artists such as Noguchi's ground sculptures and created wanted to create a series of pinhole cameras that not only reflects how it should be used, but also gives off the feeling of a tree.

Pinhole cameras3.jpg
Pinhole cameras4.jpg
Pinhole cameras6.jpg
Pinhole cameras5.jpg
Pinhole cameras1.jpg
Pinhole cameras2.jpg
Cameras context shot.png

Creating one camera and using it in real life

Designing something is quite different from actually making objects for use in real life. I had many adjustments from physically prototyping what I had created before I was able to effectively take images.


For example, I added thermal inserts to allow screws to fasten the front and back of my camera and also had to spray paint the insides later to ensure no light leaked into the camera other than the pinhole.


Adjusting filament web structure to allow thicker walls

Soldering thermal inserts

Physical Pinhole Camera3.jpg
Physical Pinhole Camera2.jpg
Physical Pinhole Camera.jpg
Documentary Photo2.JPG
Final Images.png

Failed images without spray paint

Spray painting inside of camera

To be continued... :)