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Interactive Toy Designs


Feburary - May 2021

My Roles

Product Designer


Social Media Content Creator


Physical Prototyping



Social Media

Tools Used

BlueBird Microcontroller

Arduino / C++


Soft & Electronic Fabrication

Teknikio is a toy company that brings fun and play into learning STEM with invention kits.

As a part-time Product Designer on the team, I built, designed, made instructions and promotional content for original games and interactive inventions and crafts. I used Teknikio's toolkits and microcontroller, BlueBird, to do this. 

Fun, Educational, and Interactive DIY Kits
Encourage Children of All Ages and to Play, Learn & Collaborate with Others
Inventions & Crafts

List of Invention Kits I Created for Tekniverse
teknikio projects.png

My projects public on Tekniverse 

Snapshot of My Designed Instructions & Content
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For each project, I coded either in Arduino or using the Tekniverse coding blocks to have the inventions be interactable  

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Process For Each Project

1) Brainstorm craft/toy ideas with sketches and small prototypes
2) Communicate with Founder of Teknikio on product ideas 
3) Create the physical product using Teknikio's invention kits / hardware (BlueBird) and other materials such as fabrics and colorful papers

4) Create code for the interactive product using Arduino / C++ or Teknikio's code blocks

5) Create illustrations and step by step instructions on how to recreate the final product to publish on Teknikio website (Tekniverse)

6) Create promotional content for the inventions