Toaster Productform

Re-imagining  The Way to Enjoy Toast 


i explored crafting a unique experience for a common product, focusing on the emotion of anticipation and suspense in everyday actions. 

This project helped me think about the behavioral and emotional impacts that products in our environment brings us. There are opportunities everywhere in our daily lives to re-imagine into something new and inspirational, one just has to look hard enough. 


April to May 2020 

Tools Used

KeyShot, SolidWorks


Storyboarding, 2D sketching, 3D Modeling

The Challenge

Designing a new experience with meaning

Re-imagining the experience of a common object is the challenge where there is already a strong sense of how a product works in our lives that is difficult to ignore. Not only did I want to explore industrial design by creating a new experience from a well-established product, but also redesign the product to add to its utility/natural interaction.  


Celebrating the transformation of toast

My focus for this product was to design bring out the process of making toast: how a piece of bread almost miraculously through heat and chemical changes causes the starch crystals to caramelize into the crunchy bread we desire.

Visualize and anticipate the end result

Usually toaster will not tell someone when it is ready and results to an abrupt ejection of bread. My idea explores a "sliding toaster" that allows the users to see the entire transformation of how bread is toasted, so that it brings out the beauty of this process and well as indicate to the user the duration of how long the bread will complete its toasting.

Final Prototype
© Patricia Yu