Victory Farms:
Product   and Brand Management Proposal


March  2022

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Victory Farms is a growing Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) based in PA. A CSA is an agricultural sale practice that encourages farmers and community members to responsibly consume and produce food.

Our team crafted a presentation proposal, working alongside the owners, to help inspire and give advice to them on future opportunities to expand their local business.

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Deck Presentation

Highlights from Brand and Product Proposal for Victory Farms

Highlights of Intro

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We spoke with the owner and also gathered the current list of people that were subscribed and active on the Victory Farms CSA emailing list

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We only had a few weeks for this proposal, therefore our research and planning consisted of interviewing our client, doing customer research and on-site research, to create a client proposal draft. Then finally translated that draft into a readable presentation with visuals.  

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We had many recommendations for the future of Victory Farms and I decided to categorize these recommendations into 3 themes. Each of these themes were different in how each to achieve they were, for example, event-based opportunities versus fostering long-term relationships. Therefore, I also suggested to stage them in sequential steps so further inform our client what are the more reachable goals and which ones are for more long-term considerations

Highlights of Step 1. Media and online presence recommendations

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Since CSAs are not as well known as take-home DIY food kits, such as HelloFresh or Blue Apron, we wanted to leverage social media to be as educative as possible. Especially informing customers why purchasing produce at CSAs directly has an impact on environmental sustainability in your local area, compared to these cooking services that don't necessarily use sustainable products. 


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As Victory Farms has just started to create a website to allow customers to purchase seasonal produce, we provided advice on how to make it more user-friendly and easily navigatable. 

Highlights of Step 2. Build relationships through branding


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A major challenge when seeing the customer feedback from our survey was how customers felt frustrated over wasting food. The current CSA boxes are based on a collection of seasonal produce and given based on how many people order, at times if there's a surplus in a certain product, such as thyme, customers could get, a pound of thyme and not know what to do with it. 

I suggested creating simple recipe cards to include in the CSA boxes, as well as allowing customers to submit their own recipes to inspire others to use produce in new ways. This would not only allow customers to feel that Victory Farms cares and listens to them but also fulfillment from learning new from this service and being able to communicate with a community of like-minded people

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Highlights of Step 3. Create community engagement through service and activities

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Reflecting back to my own college experiences, school-wide to individual org service opportunities were always sought-after and popular within a community. Therefore, I wanted include this recommendation of collaborating with nearby local schools to introduce more people to the idea of CSA and environmental sustainability, and also encourage more local engagement to the business -- both sides benefit. 


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Getting to Know Victory Farms

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Doing outreach to local businesses was our first step into finding a growing business that was in need of a wide array of branding recommendations. We had in-depth conversations with Lindsey before we formulated a plan proposal that kept us in check of our objectives

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Customer Survey & Farmer Interviews

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Next steps were to talk to current customers and farmer's markets to draw insights for possibilities of how Victory Farms could expand in their products and branding effectively. We condensed our recommendations during group conversations throughout this project and categorized them into themes. Finally, I started a presentation to storytell our recommendations to the owner in an understandable method, with visuals and a pitch.  

Main Takeaways

• Reaching out to local businesses and encouraging a relationship where the business feels like they will have a mutually beneficial relationship from partnering with us in this project

• Giving meaningful recommendations by understanding your client's goals, current landscape of the business/industry, and talking to important stakeholders

• Seeing the world in the eye's of your client by hearing their story, their challenges, values and future goals, in order to emphasize recommendations that can resonate with the client the most

• Connecting with client, receiving feedback, and understanding the reasons for feedback

• Presenting recommendations and the client's information into a story that is memorable to viewers. This allows the recommendations to be more impactful as well.