You Are  Invited To Listen


2.5 weeks (November 2021)


Eli Wirth-Apley

Juhi Dhanesha

Tom Scherlis

Sam Zeloof


Presentation Curation



Sound Curation

Video Cuation

Tools Used


Motion Tracking


We tell the story of life through sound to show that one must pause, practice active listening, and to appreciate moments shared with others.


These sounds are what you remember and that make life memorable.


However, when neglected, these sounds become susceptible to the subjectivity and fragility of aging.


Actively Discover Stories Around Through Sound


Enter An Immersive Journey


Reflect, Remember, Listen

The Opportunity

“Ear on Arm,” 2006, STELARC (Stelios Arcadiou) 

"STELARC’s Ear on Arm is a WIFI enabled prosthetic ear that is surgically installed on his arm. The artist invites anyone in the world to listen to his body and local environment, sharing his humanism and compassion in lieu of profiting from others.


Projects like STELARC’s demonstrate that our ability to comprehend each other and our environment through hearing is incredibly powerful."

"Someone is always listening.

Social media platforms mine our personal data, tech magnates sell our consumer patterns to third party harvesters, and the NSA claims to keep Americans safe. Despite the allure of cybernetics, AI, and even emerging 5G networking, today’s communication technologies continually enable the interfaces, organizations, companies, and governments that listen to us. Whether we like it or not, our everyday lives are quietly infiltrated in an unprecedented exercise of modernity.

Given the omnipresence, invisibility, and growing potential of hearing devices in today’s communications age, what are the possibilities of a more ethical, responsible, and enlightening approach to listening and being heard?"

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Precedent brainstorm

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Narrowing own concept and writing experience script

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Motion capture indicator on Veil

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Performance rehearsal