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Hey there! 👋

I'm currently a Design and Strategy Consultant at Deloitte Digital. I work at the intersection of user research, design, and business to craft end-to-end solutions that meet user needs and bring a human-centered lens to clients across technology, transportation, and healthcare industries. 

My journey began in industrial design, where I honed my ability to balance form with functionality and developed a keen attention to affordances. My passion for applying physical design with technology pushed me toward understanding hardware design, computation, and working between the physical and digital worlds. This multidisciplinary background has sharpened my ability to think on micro and macro scales, eventually guiding me into consulting.

I’m also fascinated by the process of bringing ideas to life and inspiring others with just a scrappy prototype and a compelling story. I actively engage in entrepreneurial initiatives at Deloitte and have had the honor of securing 1st and 3rd places in 2022 and 2023 at Deloitte's national startup competition. 

Outside of my 9 to 5, I'm an avid foodie, constantly exploring new restaurants and blogging about my culinary adventures. Feel free to ask me for food recommendations – I love sharing my favorite spots and hidden gems!

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