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StartUp Deloitte Winning Pitches

SUD is a selective hackathon-style event with a mission to cultivate grassroots innovation and nurture entrepreneurial skills within Deloitte. This program has provided me with a unique opportunity to immerse myself in a world of limitless innovation, where I've had the privilege to engage in critical problem-solving for complex challenges and craft creative solutions.


I served as the designer, prototyper, presenter, and collaborator on a team of four. In the 2022 competition, we achieved 1st place, and in the 2023 competition, we secured 3rd place out of 30 teams.

My Role & Key Outcomes

2022, 2023


Over the course of the 4-day competitive event, “founders” such as myself, rigorously ideated solutions for real-world problems that our firm’s clients are facing. Teams were given a Launchpad topic to craft problem statements and solutions for. 

Throughout the competition, our team attended informative sessions hosted by some of the firm’s most innovative thought leaders and participated in demos utilizing innovation frameworks and methodologies.

Immersion & Workshops

With my familiarity with the design thinking process and expertise in prototyping, I was able to lead my team in quickly developing specific problem statements that were both meaningful and impactful for the firm.

I also spearheaded the creation of presentation decks and prototype artifacts to convey our solutions, leveraging my multidisciplinary design background. For instance, in my first competition, I used illustrations to convey our SaaS product, and in my second competition, I created an AR video using AfterEffects.


With my first experience at SUD, I quickly learned how important it was to deliver ideas memorably that resonated with the audience and the judges. Therefore, I made sure that my team dedicated the majority of our final day to practicing our presentation. This included refining our deck, perfecting our intonation, creating a compelling hook, coordinating smooth speaker transitions, and even planning our stage positions.

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